At Spartan Motors, we’re driven. Backed by over four decades of ingenuity and determination, Spartan Motors is North America’s leading specialty vehicle manufacturer and assembler. We continue to move forward by expanding our portfolio of brands, exceeding customer expectations, and tirelessly pursuing operational excellence with an unrelenting desire to build the best.

      Join us in our journey ahead as we empower our employees, customers, dealers, and shareholders to take the wheel and command their road.

      Command Your Road.

      Over 2,300 Spartan associates bring our values to life every day through their hard work and dedication to helping our customers command their road—no matter where it takes them.

      Join Our Team

      Our purpose-built vehicles are made to reliably withstand the demands and rigors of any job, on any road.

      Once a Spartan vehicle is on the road, we work 24/7 to keep it that way with advanced customer and product support via a network of hundreds of authorized service centers, long-lasting warranties, and authorized parts that are available anywhere, anytime.

      Spartan has led the way in continuously improving the vehicles and components we build to be safer, stronger, and more advanced than any others on the road.

      "Spartan Anthem: